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Traveller’s Paradise welcomes you to the magical land of Ladakh, India. Another culture, another world, a time to live & learn and an experience that you will never forget.

With a local representative based in Leh, Ladakh to cater to the needs of all tourists visiting this beautiful land, Traveller’s Paradise brings to you, the undying charm of an ageless region.

Our company has a dedicated staff with an extremely professional approach to cater to the needs of the guest. At Traveller’s Paradise we know that two travelers don’t have the same expectations and keeping this is mind the staff designs programs that are each exclusive and tailor made to fit the needs of the guests.

Traveller’s Paradise was started by a group of young individuals from Ladakh, in the year 1998 who were the first one in Ladakh to realize the importance of professionalism in an industry that was till then managed rather casually. We felt the need to introduce not only to India but also to the world, the mystic land of Ladakh. Our team comprises of a highly motivated and innovative group of youngsters who have extensive knowledge of the area and are environmentally conscious.

It will be our pleasure to provide services to you and your guests visiting our land and people.

In an industry which is so competitive and imitation is fast becoming the law of the land, Traveller’s Paradise aims at survival through innovations. From being the local organizers of international level marathons, to introducing the tourism industry to the youth of Ladakh, to gain a fresh perspective on the existing products we have pioneered in organizing activities in Ladakh for the first time for the last fourteen years.

Eco Conscious: Ladakh has a very fragile eco system, we at Traveller’s Paradise value our commitment to educate our guests and our local representatives to minimize their footprints.

Supporting Local: Using local resources to support local economy and to create indirect employment opportunities in tourism industry.

Sincerity: We deliver our commitments to the best of our ability.

Creative: We try to introduce creative and exciting itineraries according to the needs of our guests.

Best Value: We provide quality services at best value.

Customer Service: We value our customers and cater to all their needs and preferences.

Traveller’s Paradise works closely with collaborators/partners through associate offices in various countries and in all possible activities in the area of Ladakh.

If you’re part of the travel trade and are interested in working with us to promote tourism in Ladakh, please contact us for more information. We are always interested in making new connections.

Whether you are looking to develop something completely new or just looking for an affordable and reliable operator for your existing itineraries, we will do our best to provide the highest standards of services to your clients.

Please contact us to set up a meeting or to request us for rates and packages.